What a Merciless World
#NowPlaying Ms Lauryn Hill - ” #BlackRage ” … Dedicated to the #Ferguson #Protestors and Black communities abroad… 🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔥🔥🔥
Black Rage (sketch)
#HandsUp #DontShoot‼️ #HandsUpDontShoot‼️ .. #Starbucks #Art ⭐️🙌⭐️
I watch the news every morning & I differentiate what’s truth and what’s not, what’s good news and what’s bad. What was different about this morning is my son took attention to the news and made me wonder if he knew or had a little sense of how bad the world really is right now. Smh #JusticeForMikeBrown #HeWasMySon #HeIsMySon #Ferguson #BlueOnBlackCrime #ArrestDarrenWilson #CNN
Struggle is natural because it is a life lesson. What it makes of us determines our future. We can choose to make it on our own or do it as a community. The problem is the love was lost and some no longer realize even the littlest changes can make a major difference. Some save for now and some save for the future. Collectively we could create our own Community, schools, hospitals, businesses & etc. Without hurting our pockets at all if only we knew how valuable our future really is. #SAVE

500px / Newborn Crying For Mom !! by Judylynn Malloch